How do flower essences work?

At Flower Power Essence, we believe that all processes and living entities of the universe are vibrational beings.  As vibrational beings, our illnesses and disabilities can only truly be healed with vibrational remedies. This botanical medicine is one of the most powerful forms of vibrational healing.

The Science

The process of extracting the essence--or spirit--of the flower is simple.  The flowers are gently collected from environmentally undisturbed areas when the bloom is at its peak.  They are then soaked in native spring water underneath the sun.  After the plant’s vibrational pattern saturates the water, the liquid is then hand-potentized and dipped in brandy in order to preserve the stock.  

The factor that probably plays the most important role in this delicate process is the attunement and sensitivity of the preparer of the plant.  Think about it this way; energy is neither created nor destroyed.  The vibration that exists in the preparer of the plant can easily flow into the vibration of the flower he or she touches.  If that energy is positive, then the plant’s spirit will absorb the positive.  If negative, the plant will inherit the negative.  

How to use flower essences

There are many ways to take flower essences; the most common form of consumption is several drops under the tongue, directly from the stock bottle.  There are also misting bottles that you can spray into the mouth or the surrounding environment.  The preferred method of use differs depending on the physical or emotional disability being treated.


The History of Flower Essences

In the early 1900s, Dr. Edward Bach, a renowned bacteriologist and pathologist spent most of his medical career treating patients using what we now refer to as Western medicine, occasionally dipping his toes in homeopathic research.  It wasn’t until he suffered a lethal hemorrhage and after his doctor told him that he had only three months to live, that he began to look for simpler remedies.  Three months came and went and his health was in pristine condition; he was sure that disease begins in the soul, and his sense of purpose is what revitalized his health.  Inspired by the power of his mind and body, he took his research even further, and collected plants--specifically flowers--in hopes of creating natural remedies. Being the most developed and complex part of the plant, the flower proved to be the most effective on physically and emotionally distressed patients.  


Over twenty years later, Dr. Bach completed his research with the help of a few colleagues and passed away peacefully in 1936.  His assistant, Nora Weeks, continued his preparations and was responsible for distributing flower essence formulas to healing practitioners all around the world.  These natural remedies spread like wildfire; sick patients quickly saw results and all of Dr. Bach’s research was passed down from generation to generation of inspired scholars.