The Power of Flowers:

One cannot overstate the presence and importance of flowers in our lives. We use them to express many emotions such as happiness, love, sadness and regret. From a single bud on a desk, to a congratulatory lei, a wreath at a funeral to a dozen roses on Valentine's day, flowers are present in our everyday lives. Their vibrancy, diversity and beauty represent the many colors and aspects of life. What is lesser known about flowers are their healing properties.  

In 1930, Dr. Edward Bach of London began studying the benefits of flowers. In his prior practice as a pathologist, he noticed that a patient's innate nature and attitude towards life were linked to their symptoms and illnesses. He concluded that a patient needed to be examined as a whole being, including the mental and spiritual, not just the physical. Correcting only the physical ailments is merely a temporary solution and the problems will continue until the root cause is addressed. Today we have more medications than ever before, yet illness are still at an all time high. Flower essence therapy looks to identify the root causes and heal from the inside, out.
Vibrational Beings

We believe that all living entities are vibrational beings.  All entities have their own healthy rate of vibration, or resonance, when the body is functioning optimally. When sick, the vibrational rate of our cells will slow. Vibrational healing is the introduction of higher vibrations to the body that will rebalance the body to its normal, healthy resonance.
Flowers essences are one of the most powerful forms of vibrational healing. Flowers' blossoms are believed to be the truest representation and most potent part of a plant. The plant takes the environment's energy and will express a large amount of energetic vibrations in the flower. This energy can be carefully preserved and used to balance one's resonance to bring our soul into harmony.